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Empowering female ​business owners to show ​up with beautiful digital ​graphics, social campaign ​support, & more.

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Meet your New Business Bestie

After over a decade of designing and ​developing a social presence for ​organizations, I've turned my expertise to ​supporting ambitious business women.

Hi There! I'm Erika Ames.

Hi There! I'm Erika Ames.

Founder & CEO of ErikaAmes.com

I empower busy women entrepreneurs to build their online presence through beautiful, consistent social media posting & authentic connection campaigns, so that they can effortlessly attract their ideal clients.

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Working with me ​means you get to stay ​on your visionary ​throne while I execute ​your marketing tasks!

Imagine writing a beautiful, authentic post from your kitchen island sipping from your favorite mug. Then, you’ll send it to me to get my creative hands on it. Next, you’ll be sent some original graphics highlighting your post. Once approved, I’ll upload your post and graphic to all your favorite platforms. Final step: sit back, my friend, & watch the engagements roll in.

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Learn how-to in just three steps


Subscribe & Strategize

Subscribe to the no-fuss monthly service. Then, chat with Erika to determine your content marketing goals and project management details.


Write Content

Tell your stories, educate your audience, engage your followers, and promote your services with your voice. It's your world, I'm just designing in it.



Now sit back and relax while I work my graphic design magic to elevate your content. I'll design, schedule, and post to multiple platforms on a schedule that you see fit.

What Clients say

Testimonials from my amazing clients

five star rating
five star rating
five star rating

"Erika is a graphics guru. She has that visual design eye that can't be taught. My content engagement has literally doubled in just 2 weeks!"

"Her graphics, strategy, and scheduling wizardry have freed me to focus on serving my clients while maintaining a consistent online presence. Absolute game-changer! 🚀 "

“Erika has an expert eye for design. She listened to my vision and took it to the next level. She creates designs that pull people in!"

The Packages

Graphics + Posting


Let your brand rise to the top with consistent, beautiful, brand-aligned graphics for every post to engage and inspire. Expertly designed and scheduled to present your brand in multiple places simultaneously.

Connection Campaigns


Ready to grow your target network with authentic connections? Scale your influence with strategic connection campaigns and value-aligned DM support with a person-loving, relationship-building team member.

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3-Month Package = Means Special Perks!

Subscribe to a 3-month package to get VIP access to invest in game-changing support services to elevate your business.

  1. Superior Slide Decks
  2. Magnetic Lead Magnets
  3. Noteworthy Newsletters



Superior Slide Decks

100% custom presentation slide deck creation to wow your audience and skyrocket your sales in your next masterclass, workshop, or digital course. Book a call for project scope details.

VIP Service Option Only



Magnetic Lead Magnets

Ready to turn that freebie into a thing of beauty? Let me transform your freebies into a gasp-worthy, high-impact resources. Your email list will come to expect only the best from you.

VIP Service Option Only




Noteworthy Newsletters

VIP Service Option Only

Need to keep your email list engaged with a visually-stunning weekly or monthly newsletter? Cut your production time in half by providing the Google Doc and letting me work my magic on designing brand-aligned graphics, formatting the email, and scheduling it all for you!

If this is you, we might be a perfect match.

Ambitious, Female Entrepreneur

Visibility is Imperative

Comfortable to Just Be Yourself

I’m on a mission to support ambitious, bold, brave female entrepreneurs who are blazing the way for other women behind them.

If your business model relies on being visible, showing up, and consistently having an online presence, I’m your new business bestie.

Putting yourself out there can feel scary. I get it. I love helping women show up in their most authentic selves, making the ‘marketing’ aspects easy and natural.

No Price Changes Over Here

Monthly service clients are locked in at their initial rate even if my rates increase.

Get grandfathered in at my starting rates! 👴🏻

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Become a


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Frequently Asked Questions

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Acid Graphic Elements Filled Complex Sparkle
Acid Graphic Elements Filled Complex Sparkle

Q: What if I don’t like the designs?

A: No problem! You’ll provide feedback, and I’ll make changes within days.

Q: Are there package discounts?

A: There is a 6-month package discount available.

Q: How do we collaborate?

A: We’ll use a project management tool for transparent progress and clear expectations.

Acid Graphic Elements Filled Complex Sparkle
Acid Graphic Elements Filled Complex Sparkle
Acid Graphic Elements Filled Complex Sparkle

Q: Do your rates go up?

A: Your initial monthly rate will not go up. However, clients ending the contract and returning will restart at the new rate.

Q: What’s the turn-time on a slide deck

(~ 30 slides)?

A: On average, ten days

Q: How many meetings are in this service?

A: 1 weekly check-in meeting ~30 min.

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Money back guarantee

Q: Is there a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes, absolutely! I stand by my design and service so much that I offer a 7-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

The prorated monthly payment (3/4 of the investment) is refunded if notified within the first seven days.


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